Test Scores

  • The Role of Assessment Data 

    Assessment data is a powerful tool, one of many used in schools, that can be used for a variety of functions. In general, how students perform on tests is one measure of what they know and can do, but not all assessments serve the same purpose. Diagnostics and screeners are used to obtain a baseline understanding of student strengths and abilities so instruction and interventions can be appropriately tailored. Progress monitoring or benchmark assessments are used to determine growth trajectories and whether or not students are on-track to meet their goals. Summative assessments help provide insight into student learning after a year of instruction to determine how practices and systems are functioning to equitably support student learning. State assessments are required to measure how educational systems are performing on a variety of student success indicators. District assessments are intentionally selected to monitor instructional and academic skills that the Kent School District believes all students should learn to be successful. 

    We encourage the whole-child approach to education data, meaning that student outcomes greatly depend on access to high-quality instruction in and out of the classroom, as well as their social-emotional needs, broader environment, and relationships with school staff and peers. Our team works to ensure that assessment data are reliable and aligned to instruction your child accesses in the classroom. We encourage teachers, staff, and families to consider assessment data along with other markers of student learning (e.g., coursework and performance tasks), social-emotional needs, social-environmental impacts (e.g., COVID-19 disruptions), and student voice. 

Accessing Scores

  • Family Access to Student Scores

  • Community Access  

Last Modified on September 12, 2023