Frequently Asked Work Stoppage Questions

  • We hope the information below will answer many of your questions during this difficult time. If you have specific questions not answered below, please contact your school office, email

    We ask for your patience as we respond as quickly as we can to your questions and concerns. 

  • What is the latest salary proposal information?

  • What mental health services and supports does KSD provide?

  • What are the average class sizes in Kent School District?

  • What is a strike?

  • Why is the Kent Education Association (KEA) going on strike?

  • Where do negotiations between KEA and the Kent School District (KSD) stand?

  • Are negotiations continuing through the strike?

  • How long will the strike last?

  • What is the district doing to get students back in school?


  • How long will schools be closed for?

  • How will I find out when the first day of school is?

  • How much notice will I have before the first day of school?

  • Will students be required to make up the missed days?

  • Will graduation be impacted?


  • Will athletic practices and contests continue as planned?

  • Will transportation be provided for athletic events?


  • Will back-to-school events, open houses, and curriculum nights still happen after school begins?

  • Will kindergarten family connections meetings continue as planned?


  • Are meals available for students?

  • Will childcare centers continue to operate at school sites?

  • Will preschool continue to operate at school sites?


  • How often will I receive updates?

  • How is the district communicating with families who do not speak English?

Last Modified on October 5, 2022