Update Student Information

  • Complete the 2023-2024 Update Student Information Forms 

    Families will need to annually validate their demographic information and update annual forms through Family Access.  Please complete this process for each current Kent School District student in the household.   

    Please log into Skyward to complete the required online forms. If you do not see the forms, no action is needed from you at this time.  

    You can also view the 2023-2024 Update Student Information forms in your preferred language by following the step-by-step instructions to translate Skyward using the Google Chrome internet browser. 

    Step 1: Log in to Skyward 

    Log into Skyward. If you have not received or have forgotten your username or password, please use the “Forgot your Login/Password” link to have reset instructions emailed to the address on file. 

    Step 2: Go to 2023-2024 Update Student Information 

    A message will appear every time you log in until the forms are complete. To get started, click the “Go to 2023-2024 Update Student Information” link or “Go to 2023-2024 Update Student Information” button. 

    If you do not see this option, then it has already been completed and no action is needed at this time. 

    Family Access

    Step 3: Complete steps 1-5 for 2023-2024 Student Update Information form 

    Verify your contact information in steps 1a through 1d.  If you are not able to update a field, please contact your school if the information is not correct.  Address information will need to be updated through your school. 

    Step 1C, select your preferred language(s) for communication. Click on "Select Languages", check the box for each language you want to receive communications in, then click Save.

    Family Access 2

    After verifying the information, click the button “Complete Step XX and move to Step XX” to move to the next step. 

    Family Access

    Step 2, please update your student’s ethnicity and race information.  After reading the letter, click Continue. The next page has two questions, click the words Select an Ethnicity and Select a Race to update this information. Once you have saved the updated ethnicity and race information, click Complete Step 2 and move to Step 3 

    Family Access

    Step 3 is asking about military affiliation for your family.  This information is required to be updated annually.  Select the appropriate option, then click Complete Step 3 and move to Step 4”. 

    Family Access

    Step 4 is a confidential questionnaire asking about housing.  If applicable, answer the two questions.  Type your name in the parent or guardian box at the bottom.  All users will need to click Complete Step 4 and move to Step 5”.   

    Family Access

    Step 5 is for submitting your updates.  If all steps have a green check mark next to them, click Submit 2023-2024 Update Student Information to complete these forms. 

    Family Access

    Once you have submitted the updates, you will see a message stating 2023-2024 Update Student Information was successfully completed. 

    Family Access

Last Modified on November 28, 2023