Boundary Committees

  • To move boundary review and changes forward in supporting student success, three boundary committees have been created. The Boundary Change Review Committee is focusing on reviewing proposed boundary changes from last winter. The Middle School Model Committee is focusing on creating a sixth, seventh, and eighth grade model that is inclusive for all students and families. The committee will make recommendations on all aspects of moving all district middle school students to a sixth grade through eighth grade model. An Outreach Plan and Communication Committee is focusing on creating a communication and support plan for students and families impacted by boundary changes. Committee meetings began in March 2022 to determine meeting cadence, including frequency and duration.

    Each boundary committee's meeting minutes and a list of members for each committee can be found below. Check back to see new meeting minutes and names posted as they become available.


    In early 2022, we solicited interest from our Kent School District (KSD) parents/guardians and staff to be a part of one of three boundary committees. The committee members were chosen through an application, selection, and lottery process to create a diverse demographic representation of our KSD community within the three committees. Once the diversity demographic expectation was met, names were randomly drawn for the remaining open positions. This concluded with nine alternates, who were not selected for the committees. The nine alternates were encouraged to be available to fill a vacant spot should one become available.

    If a committee member is absent or has chosen to no longer be a part of the committee, we will go back to our lottery selection and randomly draw a name for the open spot.


  • Boundary Change Review Committee

  • Middle School Model Committee

  • Outreach Committee


Last Modified on July 3, 2024