Senior Memory Makers

  • SENIOR Memory Maker DUE DATE: Friday, January 16th, 2023 for payment.

    Memory Makers are due on March 3rd. Please use this form to reserve your spot.


    ¼ page Memory Maker: 5.25 inches tall, 4.1 inches wide

    ½ page Memory Maker: 5.25 inches tall, 8.5 inches wide

    Full page Memory Maker: 10.5 inches tall, 8.2 inches wide

    Helpful hints:

    The more pictures aren’t always for the better. The Ads that usually look the best have 4-8 pictures that are big enough to see. If there are too many pictures and it is too small, they do not always print out very well.

    Computer programs: If you design in publisher, please make sure you change it to a .jpg file. There are lots of great programs out there to help you. Make sure you save it as high quality.