Digital Use Expectations for Students

  • October is Digital Citizenship Month

    As a result of living during a pandemic over the last year and a half, it seems every aspect of our lives went online in some way. From remote school and work to virtual social gatherings, we have embraced the “digital way” of being with each other.

    The six themes of our digital citizenship curriculum are more important than ever before.  

    • Media balance and well being 
    • Privacy and security 
    • Digital footprint and identity 
    • Relationships and communication 
    • Cyberbullying 
    • Digital drama and hate speech    

    Student Responsibilities 

    Every Kent School District (KSD) student in grades K-12 receives a district device (laptop, tablet, etc.) for learning. Students are expected to take care of their device and use technology responsibly.  

    Document and pen on an orange tab.Ask a Parent/Guardian to Sign the Device Agreement in Skyward

    People in circles connected by lines on a green tab. Be Responsible Online 

    Heart over hands on a purple tab. Care for Your Device

    • Keep the device clean without markings, stickers, drawings, etc.
    • Store your device in a safe place and keep it in its case.
    • Protect your device from food and drinks.
    • Charge your device each night before school.

    Cloud on a blue tab. Save Your Files in OneDrive

    • Your work will automatically save each time you open a file.
    • Work on files with your peers and teachers at the same time.
    • Open your files on any KSD device.

    Question mark in a chat bubble on a pink tab.Ask for Help 

Last Modified on October 20, 2023