COVID-19 Safety Information

  • COVID-19 Safety Mitigation and Prevention Measures

    Students benefit from in-person learning, and safely returning to in-person instruction in fall 2021 is a priority. We all play a part in learning at school safely and staying healthy all year. We have impletemented layered prevention and mitigation strategies to help keep everyone healthy, especially those not yet able to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.  

    KSD is committed to layering safety mitigation and prevention measures aligned to Washington State Department of Health (DOH), Seattle King County Public Health, and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. Information on this page is taken from the most current DOH and CDC guidance and resources.

    We will update information on this page as guidance continues to change from public health authorities to support a safe and healthy learning and working environment in KSD.

2021-22 KSD COVID-19 Safety

  • Athletics and Activities

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Contact Tracing (When Students and Staff Need to Stay Home)

  • Face Coverings or Masks

  • Families & Visitors in KSD Schools and Buildings

  • Family Meetings and Events

  • Field Trips

  • Handwashing and Respiratory Etiquette

  • In-School Assemblies

  • Physical Distancing

  • Specialists

  • Staying Home When Sick

  • Student and Staff COVID-19 Testing

  • Vaccinations

  • Ventilation

COVID-19 Cases in KSD

  • Reporting a Positive COVID Case

    • Families must report a positive case in their household to their teacher, principal, or school nurse
    • School nurses/contact tracer will follow up with the student/family for symptoms and contact information
    • A student or staff member who has been exposed will be contacted by the school

    When will you be notified of COVID Case in Your School

    • Families will be notified by phone, letter, and/or email if there is a positive case in your classroom
    • You will be notified by phone call if your student needs to quarantine
    • Anyone can check our COVID-19 Dashboard for current classroom or school closure information. 
    • The cases are not associated with one another in another setting (household, club, etc.)

    Closure of a classroom after consultation with Public Health will be considered when:

    • Two or more students or staff in the same room/area test positive for COVID-19
    • The cases have symptoms that start within 14 days of each other
    • The cases are not associated with one another in another setting (household, club, etc.)

    If a full class needs to quarantine or a school is directed to temporarily close in response to COVID-19 transmission, then:

    • Staff and Families will be notified by phone, letter, and/or email of the classroom closure
    • Students will shift to the 100% remote model used during the 2020-21 school year
    • Schedules will mirror current 2021-22 in-person schedules
    • Teachers will have two days to transition to synchronous remote learning, and learning will begin online fully by the third day for impacted classrooms
    • Classroom closures will typically last 14 days

Frequently Asked COVID Safety Questions

  • Is KSD providing COVID-19 Testing?

  • Why can staff and students not wear masks with valves, gaiters or bandanas?

  • Who is a Close Contact?

  • How can my student continue to learn while quarantined at home?

  • What happens if my student's class is directed to temporarily close in response to COVID-19 transmission/outbreak?

  • What do I do if my student has been confirmed for suspected COVID-19?

  • Is there an established case count or other data metric within the school or community at which students would return to remote learning again?

  • What is the process for symptoms, positive cases or exposure to COVID-19?

  • How will parents be notified of COVID-19 in their student's classroom?

  • Is the COVID-19 vaccination required for students or staff?

  • How are medically fragile students being supported this school year with COVID still active?

  • Will there be large in-person assemblies or staff meetings?

  • What are the guidelines for athletics?

  • When is a student or staff member too sick to go to school?

  • Does my student have to wear a mask to school? What if they have been vaccinated against COVID-19?

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Last Modified on November 4, 2021