Verification Documents

  • Documents Required for Enrollment

    Lack of documents should not be a barrier to school enrollment. If you are unable to present these documents, please have a conversation with the school or contact Student and Family Support Services at (253) 373-7235.

    Student Identification & Proof of Age

    • Birth certificate, or
    • Passport, or
    • State identification (ID) card, or
    • When a form of legal identification/proof of age is not available, other methods such as physician notes, hospital records, previous school records, or entries in a family bible which includes the student’s name and birthdate can be used.

    Proof of Address

    • Lease or purchase agreement, or
    • Utility bill (cable, electricity, water, or home telephone) not more than one month old.

    Kent School District maintains the right to ask for additional documents if there is a concern about any document used to establish an address. See Policy and Procedure 3110 and 3110P for more information.

Last Modified on December 19, 2023