Health & Safety Protocols

  • Health & Safety is Our Highest Priority

    Kent School District will continue to partner with and follow the guidance of local and state authorities. 

    Wearing Masks to School

    Students and staff will wear face coverings in all KSD schools, buildings, and busses unless they have a medical reason not to wear one. 

    Proper Handwashing

    • Students and staff are encouraged and provided time to wash/sanitize their hands regularly. 
    • Handwashing stations with soap and/or hand sanitizer are available in classrooms. 

    Transportation During Hybrid Learning

    • Buses will load from back to front before school and based on stop location after school.
    • Bus windows will be open to allow for maximum airflow. 
    • Bus drivers will disinfect busses twice per day.

    Physical Distancing

    • Desks will be facing forward and spaced further apart to ensure a minimum of 3 feet distance between students.
    • There will be no large gatherings such as assemblies and dances.
    • Schools are working with daily schedules to stagger recesses, and other transition times to minimize student group interaction.


    • Schools follow disinfection guidelines developed by DOH and Public Health for school campuses, including classrooms, workspaces, outdoor spaces, and playgrounds.
    • Schools will limit the sharing of supplies between students and disinfect between uses if sharing is unavoidable.

    Families & Visitors

    • Families and visitors have limited access to school campuses.
    • Everyone must wear face coverings while on school grounds unless they have a medical reason not to wear one.
    • Anyone entering the school building for longer than 15 minutes must complete a health screening, including assessing themselves for a fever. 

Report Violations

  • Report COVID-19 Safety Violations

Wearing Masks to School

Transportation During Hybrid Learning

Proper Handwashing

Last Modified on April 7, 2021