Learning Model Commitment

  • Choose Between Hybrid or Remote Learning

    Kent School District is asking all families to choose between hybrid or remote learning for each student in their household for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.

    The Learning Model Commitment form will be available on Skyward Family Access (parent/guardian accounts) at different times according to grade level.

    If a response is not received for a student by the deadline, the student will remain in remote learning through the end of the school year.

    Find answers to frequently asked questions about the two learning models and return to in-person learning

    Follow the step-by-step instructions to translate Skyward into using the Google Chrome internet browser.

    Step 1: Log in to Skyward

    Log in to Skyward.

    Step 2: Find the Learning Model Completion Form

    After logging in, online forms will show up at the top of your homepage under “An Online Form is now available to fill out.” Click “(+) Show More” to see all online forms available to you. 

    Screenshot to find online forms on your Skyward homepage

    Locate the Learning Model Commitment Form. Click “Fill out Online Form for (Student Name).”  If you have more than one student with a form available, you will see a separate form for each student. 

    Screenshot to find the Learning Model Commitment Form

    Step 3: Answer All Questions

    Some information about your student is already entered. There are four questions with district links provided in the form to guide you to resources that will help you make your choices.

    Click the arrow on the drop-down menu for each question to display and choose from the answer options. 

    Screenshot of the Commitment Form questions

    After you have answered all questions, click “Complete Step 1 and move to Step 2.”

    Step 4: Submit the Form

    Click “Submit Commitment Form 2020-2021” to submit your form. 

    Screenshot of the final page to submit your Commitment Form

    A message will appear confirming the form has been submitted.

    Screenshot of the confirmation message

    Change a Submitted Learning Model Commitment Form

    If you would like to change your answers to a completed Learning Model Commitment Form, you may do so before the deadline.

    From your Skyward homepage, click "Online Forms" from the options on the left and navigate to the form(s) you would like to update.

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Last Modified on April 6, 2021