Frequently Asked Boundary Study Questions

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    At their regular board meeting on January 27, 2021, the Board of Directors did not approve the recommendations in the School Boundary Review Final Report (PDF) previously presented at a special meeting on January 13, 2021. This means none of the proposed boundary changes for 2020-2021 will move forward at this time.

    The new elementary school currently being built will require boundary adjustments to open its doors to students this fall. A timeline for next steps was not discussed at the January 27 meeting.

    Reducing overcrowding, equitable access to educational programming, and balancing enrollment across all schools remain district priorities. We will continue to provide information and updates as they are available.

    We will be continuing to update these FAQs throughout this boundary process. Please check back for updates. 

    If you have specific questions not addressed below, please email

Boundary Study Purpose & Process

  • How and when can I submit comments for the public hearing on January 13?

  • Has KSD involved all staff groups in the process?

  • What is a school attendance boundary study?

  • Why do we need a school attendance boundary study?

  • Why are we doing the boundary study now in the middle of an exceptional year?

  • Who is conducting the boundary study?

  • When will the boundary study be completed?

  • What is the boundary review process?

  • Will there be opportunities for family and community engagement?

  • Is there a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) committee taking an active role in the boundary survey?

  • What were the results of the survey and are they available to the public?

School Boundary Reports

  • Was the Transportation team consulted during the process to gather information for the Interim Report?

  • Will the final Boundary Review Report include the 2020 Census information?

  • What is the enrollment projection for the next five Y=years?

  • Is there a place to view the proposed boundary changes online?

  • What are feeder patterns and why are they needed?

  • What is utilization?

  • What is the difference between reside and enrollment?

  • What is being considered as far as moving locations of educational programs?

  • Were future housing developments considered in the proposed new school boundaries?

Transition Process

  • Will I be able to apply for a transfer for my student if our boundary school changes?

  • What middle school and high school does each elementary align to in the proposed boundary change?

  • Are whole neighborhoods assigned to attend the same school?

  • Why is there a recommendation to move sixth grade to middle school?

  • What is the transition plan for seniors? Will they be allowed to stay at their current school?

Last Modified on February 11, 2021