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    The Digital Learning team partners with other Kent School District (KSD) teams to deliver professional development, research technology tools, promote best practices for implementation, and ensure equitable access for all students.  

    How We Serve 

    The Digital Learning team builds capacity among staff, students, and their families to use technology effectively. We also empower school librarians to impact student achievement and increase student engagement through skill-building and opportunities.  

    We work to represent the voice of students and staff through our various connections with all levels of the district regarding the role of equitable support provided through our digital learning tools and the one-to-one laptop program.  

    Assessment Team Functions Infographic

    Build Capacity for Effective Digital Learning 

    We provide a range of professional learning opportunities to KSD staff in a variety of formats including anytime and anywhere learning.  

    Empower Librarians to Impact Student Achievement  

    We empower KSD librarians to create environments focused on student access and achievement within their schools through professional development, coaching supports, and an accessible library management system. Our role in building their capacity enables librarians to connect with and develop other teachers and support staff within their buildings.  

    Increase Student Access & Engagement 

    We provide digital learning tools and create opportunities for students to participate in differentiated instruction and engage in interactive and experiential learning anytime, anywhere. 

    Secondary Functions 

    • We promote digital citizenship by providing resources and awareness. 
    • We effectively manage and support district digital learning initiatives. 

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