Family Tech Academy

  • Hub for Family Learning & Resources

    Prepare for remote learning through our new Family Tech Academy resource.

    With a focus on the technology and learning tools that enhance the online experience, this tool is a hub for family learning and resources at Kent School District.

    Launch the Family Tech Academy in Canvas. Learn how to use Canvas in the Digital Learning Toolkit.

    Free Microsoft Training for Families

    Attend a live virtual training to learn how to use Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 applications. Each interactive support session:

    • Lasts approximately 1 hour.
    • Is facilitated by Microsoft educators.
    • Is available to all KSD families for free.

    You may attend as many sessions as needed to fit your family’s needs.


    Learn how to navigate Flipgrid and get comfortable with joining in on the discussion alongside your classmates. In this course you will learn how to make Flipgrid your own, create topics, set access, and share.

    • No upcoming events

    Microsoft Accessibility

    Learn how to utilize all the great accessibility features available within Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, and Office 365! From immersive reader to ease of access, this training session will provide a step-by-step demonstration of where these tools can be found and accessed!

    • No upcoming events

    Office 365 Tips & Tricks for Accessibility

    Learn how to leverage all the capabilities that Microsoft Office 365 (O365) has to offer for accessibility across products such as PowerPoint, Word, and OneNote.

    • No upcoming events

    Teams 100 for Accessibility

    Learn how to leverage all the accessibility features of Microsoft Teams and personalize Teams to fit your student’s needs.

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Last Modified on January 7, 2021