Community Truancy Board

  • Supporting Elementary Students Struggling with Attendance

    The Community Truancy Board meets monthly to support elementary students struggling with attendance. The board consists of volunteers from local community-based organizations, Department of Social and Health Services, school and district administration, and King County Superior Courts.

    The purpose of the community truancy board is to uncover barriers for student attendance and provide the family with supports to help navigate the barriers.

    The following process will be used by the truancy board:

    1. Review attendance with the family.
    2. Listen to the parents/guardians and the student (if present) about the barriers surrounding attendance.
    3. Explore resources to support the family.
    4. Sign agreements for what the student, parents, and district will do to support increased attendance.
    5. The truancy board will continue to monitor the attendance of the student. If improvement is not made, the student may return to the truancy board or a truancy petition may be filed.
Last Modified on July 24, 2020