• Kajeet Hotspots Service Will be Disabled on July 24, 2021

    The Kajeet Hotspots distributed to families in early 2020 are being phased out in favor of T-Mobile devices that offer unlimited data plans for student access. 

    If you have a Kajeet Hotspot and still need internet access at home after July 24, there are two options.

    Option 1: Apply for Financial Assistance with Internet Service

    Apply for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) and Lifeline programs available to eligible families or check out more home internet access solutions.

    Option 2: Exchange Your Hotspot

    Exchange your Kajeet Hotspot for a T-Mobile Hotspot during an upcoming hotspot distribution event or by appointment on Tuesdays or Thursdays through July 29

    Pick Up a Free Hotspot from KSD

    Kent School District (KSD) distributes free Wi-Fi hotspots for our students and families in need at select locations on Wednesdays while supplies last. Service times and locations are subject to change. Please refer to this webpage before you visit.

KSD Hotspot Distribution Events

Frequently Asked Hotspot Questions

  • How do I find the Wi-Fi name and password for my hotspot?

  • How do I connect my KSD laptop or another device to my hotspot?

  • How do I get support for my Kajeet SmartSpot?

  • Does my hotspot have a data limit?

  • How do I check if my hotspot is at its data limit?

  • How do I request more data if I have multiple students using one hotspot?

  • Is KSD going to increase hotspot data limits for all students?

  • What if my hotspot does not have coverage or coverage is poor where I live?

  • I get good cellular reception, but the hotspot works poorly in my home. Why is that?

  • Do the hotspots filter websites and content?

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