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  • Stay Engaged During the School Closure

    We have prepared activities and resources for students to explore during our school closure. Students can use them to review content they have already learned, preview topics scheduled to be learned later this year, and explore additional topics of interest.

    These activities and resources:

    • Do not replace direct teacher instruction.
    • Are optional for students. Assignments are not required or graded.
    • May be supplemented by individual schools that mail/email additional resources.

    Find Resources by Level

    Stay Tuned for Continuous Updates

    We will continue to develop and add to this resource throughout the closure, so please check back often.

    Staying engaged with learning during the closure will help to minimize the loss of learning. We look forward to school reconvening and teachers will resume instruction highlighting those standards that are most critical moving forward. 

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Last Modified on March 23, 2020