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    Michele and her husband have lived in the Northwood Middle/Ridgewood Elementary school neighborhood for over 18 years. They have two children who attended Kent Schools; one a recent graduate, one who will graduate in 2022. Michele is passionate about literacy and the arts, with a special focus on music and theatre. She has been a KSD volunteer and advocate since 2009.

    Michele grew up in the Newcastle area and spent many years performing in and around Seattle before moving to Orlando, Florida to work as a performer and a show lead at Walt Disney World.

    Upon returning to the Pacific Northwest, Michele worked in the finance office at the University Book Store. She then worked for over 12 years in Human Resources at Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro she was the manager of the training and development function. In this position, Michele coached new and developing managers; and facilitated leadership, goal setting, team building, and compliance training sessions. She was also the Washington State HR compliance officer for Hasbro's Sarbanes-Oxley reporting.

    In addition, Michele has been an arts educator for over 25 years in Florida and locally at Tacoma Musical Playhouse, Big Star Studios, Rainier Ballet Academy, and the Cities of Renton and Lynnwood. She is a former member of the Renton Arts Commission and former Renton Civic Theatre Board Member. When she’s not engaged in KSD Board duties; volunteering; driving her son to rehearsals, or working for the family business; Michele is a contract performer and a King County 4Culture Touring Artist.

    Term Information

    • Elected from District 2 in November 2019.
    • Term expires in November 2023.


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