Instructional Materials Committee

  • Scope of Work

    The Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) reviews proposals for new instructional materials and recommends approval to the Kent School Board. The IMC will:

    • Receive recommended district materials proposals through content coordinators and program directors.
    • Receive proposals for the use of alternative instructional materials from school administrators.
    • Review proposals to ensure selection criteria have been observed.
    • Recommend instructional materials to the Board for adoption.
    • Act upon requests for consideration of instructional material.


    The Instructional Materials Committee is appointed by the superintendent and approved by the Kent School Board. Parents and community members are recommended by the Board to join the Instructional Materials Committee.

    Volunteers are balanced with elementary and secondary representation across content and program areas. Membership may include:

    • 8 teachers (two primary, two intermediate, two middle school, two high school)
    • 2 paraeducators (one elementary and one secondary)
    • 2 librarians (one elementary and one secondary)
    • 4 school administrators (two elementary, one middle school, one high school)
    • 1 executive director of learning improvement
    • 3 parents (recommended by the Kent School board)
    • 3 students on rotation from each high school

    Adult committee members serve in staggered three-year terms.

    If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact us at We will share your information with the Board for review. 


    The Instructional Materials Committee meets at least twice per school year.

    Policy & Procedure

    Read more about the Instructional Materials Committee in Board Policy 2020 and Procedure 2020P.

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Last Modified on December 21, 2023