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  • There is a gap between what the state funds and the education Kent School District provides to students. Local levy funds make up the difference, levy dollars support student enrichment programs not fully funded by the state.

    In October our Kent School District Board of Directors will consider passing a resolution for a Replacement Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) levy to be placed on the February 18, 2022, ballot.

    The school board will vote on this resolution at the November 2021 open public board meeting. We invite our entire KSD Community to learn more about the proposed renewal levy by attending or watching upcoming board meetings.

    If the school board approves this resolution, voters will have an opportunity to maintain current funding to support KSD students including programs like safety and security; bullying prevention; career and technical education; and professional development that is not fully funded by the state for essential staff like classroom teachers, nurses, counselors, and bus drivers. This levy would replace our current levy approved by voters in 2020 that expires in December 2022.

    As the board prepares to consider information about the proposed renewal levy, KSD is engaging the students, staff, family, and community in two ways: a district survey available September 27 - October 18, and this thought exchange. Different from what is asked in the renewal level survey, we have also opened this Thoughtexchange opportunity to help us understand what additional information you need to make an informed decision regarding a proposed levy in February 2022?

    Participate in the Proposed Renewal Levy ThoughtExchange

    A third option for the public to engage with the board and district is through providing comments at open board meetings.

    Information from this exchange will be used by district leaders to help inform the replacement levy, communication, and engagement.

    Please share your responses in this Thoughtexchange by 5 pm on October 7, 2021. You can post as many views as you wish; it works best to keep one idea per response on Thoughtexchange. If you post a response across multiple entries, it may not be read in order as thoughts are sorted based on the ratings of others. Rude, hurtful, inappropriate, or identifying thoughts targeting individuals will not be shared for others to see. In addition to posting your thoughts, please rate at least 20-30 of the thoughts others have shared.


    Your input is valued and appreciated.

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