Senior Portrats

  • Submit by October 31st 2023

    Senior portraits are due to the yearbook staff by Tuesday, October 31st 2023

    Portrait Requirements

    Senior portraits must meet all requirements in order to be published correctly.

    • 1.75 inches tall by 1.25 inches wide or proportional to those dimensions
    • The student's head must be 1 inch tall
    • A head and shoulders shot - we will not accept full-body shots
    • Photos will be printed in color so any background is fine

    Acceptable Formats

    A hard-copy print or digital file may be submitted as long as electronic photos are 300 DPI or higher, and cropped to the correct dimensions. You may e-mail digital photos to Kdubyearbook@gmail.comPlease follow our specific instructions to have your senior’s portrait published correctly.

    The deadline to submit a senior portrait is Tuesday, October, 31st 2023. If a senior portrait is not submitted, we will use the senior’s ASB school photo. If a school photo is not available, the student will be listed as “not pictured.”

Last Modified on August 17, 2023