Grades 6-8

  • Second Step Curriculum

    Kent School District (KSD) students learn skills to support their emotional development, social skills, safety, and well-being using Second Step curriculum from kindergarten to eighth grade.

    In grades sixth through eighth, the Second Step lessons have four main focuses: mindsets and goals, values and friendships, thoughts, emotions, decisions, and serious peer conflicts. 

    Mindsets & Goals

    Students learn how to plan for their futures.

    Values & Friendships

    Students reflect upon their own experiences and gain new skills to build stronger friendships.

    Thoughts, Emotions, Decisions

    Students learn they are not alone in their feelings and gain strategies to deal with powerful emotions such as dealing with frustration, calming down, handling rejection, and managing anxiety.

    Serious Peer Conflicts

    Students learn strategies for recognizing, avoiding, and resolving conflicts such as bullying and harassment.

    Minor Conflicts

    • Easy to resolve, if you try
    • Not a big deal
    • No one gets hurt 

    Serious Conflicts (often require the help of school staff or other adults)

    • Hard to resolve
    • Have serious consequences
    • Cause physical or emotional harm


    Find resources to support social emotional learning for middle school students through ParenTeen Connect

    Grade 6 Tool on Second Step

    Visit the Second Step website and input the code SSP6 FAMI LY12.

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Last Modified on January 3, 2024