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  • Perfect Vision in 2020

    We have hit the ground running to kick off 2020, and we are excited to move into the next piece of the school year. Our staff is engaging in some really meaningful data analysis and professional development, and I’m excited to share what we are doing to support our Cedar Valley scholars!

    Treasure Hunting

    The adults at Cedar Valley are committed to searching for the talents, skills and intelligences that exist in all of our scholars. Seeing their strengths helps us to address their challenges. We are being mindful of prioritizing relationships with kids by increasing the praise to correction ratio throughout the school. In order to teach a child, you must first reach a child.


    In response to our winter iReady data, and we have started the WIN (What I Need) intervention model school-wide. During WIN time, scholars are receiving targeted instruction in literacy.

    In this model, the staff is collaborating and sharing students. This allows the teachers to specialize in a focused instructional area, such as phonics, comprehension, or vocabulary with a smaller group of scholars for 30 minutes per day.

    Cheetah of the Month Awards

    We have a long-standing tradition of a monthly recognition assembly for the Cedar Valley Cheetahs. This year, we have increased the number of scholars who can receive these awards by opening up to not only the classroom teachers but also the specialists, interventionists, paraprofessionals and office staff.

    Scholars can be recognized for consistently demonstrated the Cheetah Code in their own classrooms, as well as outside of their classroom, when they are in other areas of the building!

    At Cedar Valley, we believe that all kids are capable of success, no exceptions.

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Last Modified on January 24, 2020