Principal Stallard

  • Welcome to Cedar Valley!

    I’m so excited to be the principal at Cedar Valley Elementary! This year, we will have some great things happening.

    Over the summer, our staff participated in so much professional learning specific to how we can meet the needs of a variety of learning styles and academic levels. We are continuing that work throughout the year by incorporating more small group and individualized instruction, as well as some practices such as brain breaks and emotional regulation strategies that will help the scholars to stay focused and have fun learning!

    Working Together

    At Cedar Valley, we believe that all scholars are capable of success. At home, we ask for your support with ensuring this success.

    • Establish a bedtime and wake-up time routine. Elementary-aged children need no less than nine hours of sleep.
    • Try to keep absences to a minimum. Rest and recovery are important when you are sick, and attendance at school is vital for academic growth when you are well!
    • Read every day for 20 minutes. Read anything that is interesting: magazines, comic books, cereal boxes, novels, picture books. You name it![HW1]
    • Play games together and practice words and behaviors that are appropriate when we win and when we lose.
    • Talk about school at home. Some great questions are, “What was the best part of your day?” “What big challenges did you solve today?” If your kids are like mine, the question, “How was school today?” gets very little response!
    • Contact your child’s teacher if you have questions about progress, what is being taught or other topics that you might want to address. We are partners.

    Cheetah Code

    At Cedar Valley, all staff and scholars follow the Cheetah Code.

    • Act Safely
    • Be Responsible
    • Choose Kindness
    • Do Your Best

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