Principal Erdly

  • Horizon Hawks… Succeed Every Day!

    Welcome to Horizon’s 30th year serving our community! We are very proud and honored to be of service to you and your family and know this will be our greatest year ever!

    As always, we are here to provide each and every student with the best supports possible to maximize his or her success. To do this, it takes a village and you are a critical member of this learning community. Please read on to find out more about the A B C’s of Horizon and how you can be involved in our ongoing success!

    A is for Academics

    You probably already know that the way students learn nowadays is much different than what you may have experienced in your own education. In order to aide our families in supporting our students in their academic success, we want to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge that will help you keep your Hawks on target for success.

    This year we are revamping our parent/student/teacher conference format to better involve you with setting and achieving the goals that will close any achievement gaps while also growing your child’s potential to achieve at high levels.

    We are also updating our curriculum night structure so you can be in the driver’s seat and truly understand what and how we instruct our students and also how we integrate technology to maximize success. Horizon is proud to be at the forefront in providing quality technology integration and we know that your partnership will ensure your child is on track for being a true scholar at Horizon!

    Be sure to attend all of our wonderful success night events this year as we empower our families to promote excellence for all of our Hawks!

    B is for Behavior

    In order for a child to succeed, we know that he or she has to be ready to learn. We also recognize that gaps in behavior are just like those in academics. When gaps exist, the chances of academic achievement and success are dramatically diminished.

    How do we combat these challenges? Good question! It is not an easy task and as with academics, all children must be met where they are and we need to hold high expectations for each and every student.

    Horizon has worked hard to develop common school-wide expectations that help students know what is expected and how to respond in varied situations. We live by our Honorable Hawk Code and celebrate successes achieved by every student.

    We know that positive and authentic praise is essential and must occur five times more frequently than a redirect. And above all, we know that positive relationships matter and every child should feel welcome and cared for by the staff members who serve them.

    These relationships also must include a strong and positive connection with you and your family. It is this partnership embedded with open communication that also helps each of our amazing Hawks know that we are a team invested in his or her success. Ultimately, when students feel safe, secure, cared for, and have consistent expectations, we know they are ready and able to learn and achieve.

    C is for Cultural and Community

    We’ve got spirit, yes we do! And we love to show our Hawk pride every day! Thanks to a wonderful partnership with our Horizon Parent Teacher Association (PTA), we also are able to make our school the true hub of our community by providing events that are open to all and cater to the needs of our families.

    Did you know we have over 20 languages spoken across our student body and that we add over 100 new students into our school during the school year beyond the new enrollees that start each fall? With such a diverse and changing community, we are working harder than ever to ensure everyone can get connected to Horizon in a positive way and learn how to best support their children’s successes.

    This year we will be expanding our parent involvement committee along with new adjustments to our success night events that will provide greater access to all families.

    In addition, we are continuing to find ways to be more responsive to individual needs and improve communication through new systems including text messaging, SchoolMessenger calls or emails, and greater access to student performance data throughout the year.

    We also want more family members on site every day providing individualized and small group learning support, serving as Watch D.O.G.S., art docents, room parents, and many other fun ways to partner in all of our successes.

    We look forward to having YOU partnered with us in a meaningful way so that this year, our 30th year of service, will truly be our best! YOU are the answer to ensuring our Horizon Hawks…Succeed Every Day!

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