Principal Ulland

  • Welcome to Northwood Middle School!

    I am looking forward to meeting our incoming seventh-grade students and families, as well as getting acquainted with our returning eight-grade students and families.

    Northwood has a strong reputation as being a school with a clear focus on academic achievement along with a supportive staff for the social/emotional developmental needs of our middle year students. My goal is to continue this tradition by partnering with staff, students and the community in making sure all students feel connected and supported during their two years at Northwood Middle School.

    Northwood’s Core Values

    At Northwood, we believe in supporting students in making good decisions around our four core values.

    • Respect
    • Responsibility
    • Empathy
    • Integrity

    Lessons will be taught and reinforced throughout the year to support the learning of each of these values. We use Jag Bucks as a positive reward system when we observe students demonstrating these values in and around our school and community.

    Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow

    At Northwood, we believe every student is a leader and we work to nurture their leadership skills in the classroom, outside of the classroom and in our community. Students are encouraged to participate in athletics, clubs and activities that embrace their interests and help them grow as individuals and leaders.

    Our Commitment

    During your child’s two years at Northwood, our goal is to prepare them to be independent thinkers and learners and the best possible individuals they can be. We know as middle school students there will be times when they might need additional support with their academics and social-emotional needs.

    We have a great, experienced teaching staff that are here every day to support your child. We also have two full-time counselors, a full-time Community in Schools mentor, mental health counselor and a drug and alcohol counselor available to support our students. If any of these services are needed, we will work with you and your student to provide the additional support to make your child’s experience at Northwood successful.

    We look forward to making these the best two years of middle school experience for our students.

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