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  • Fall Flew by & We Are on The Edge of Winter

    Quarter one of 2019-2020 flew by! We find ourselves halfway through first semester with lots of firsts in the books for our Timbercubs. We have completed our first season of sports, had our first spirit week, and pep assembly, hosted our first dance, and shared the morning with Stu who shared a message of unity and integrity, encouraging our students to follow the core values and above all, “Be Nice.”  

    Now is a great time to start those conversations around finishing strong and setting personal and academic goals. In November we will host our third annual student-led conference at Cedar Heights. Students will be analyzing their progress thus far and preparing PowerPoint presentations to be shared with parents regarding their perceived strengths, areas of growth, and plans for their future academic success.

    We look forward to partner together in supporting our students finish the semester strong!

    Irregular Bedtimes are Similar to the Effects of Jet Lag for Children

    According to the A. Pawlowski, contributor of the TODAY show, “Having an irregular bedtime routine and getting different amounts of sleep from night to night was linked to

    Worse Behavior

    A study found that children with irregular bedtimes were more hyperactive than their well-rested peers. They were also found to have behavior, conduct problems, and emotional problems and social problems, as well.

    Slower Development

    Irregular bedtime affects the developing brain. Children with irregular bedtimes had lower scores on math, reading and spatial awareness tests. By the age of seven, children with irregular bedtimes scored lower in all three aspects of intellect tested.

    Lower Test Scores

    Children with inconsistent bedtimes scored lower on math, reading, and spatial awareness.

    Health Problems

    Children with irregular bedtimes were more likely to be overweight. They are also more likely to have lower self-esteem than others with a consistent bedtime.”

    The Effects are Reversible

    The good news is that if your child (or you) have had inconsistent bedtimes up to this point, you can still help them. The effects were reversible. The children who picked up regular bedtimes showed improvements in their behavior scores.

    This information was sourced from the Your Modern Family website.

    Parent Visitation & Volunteers

    We welcomed 43 parents into the building on October 24 for “Take your parent to work day.”  If you were unable to come, not to worry, we welcome parents any time (with 24-hours’ notice if entering classrooms) to support in classrooms, unstructured areas, the lunchroom, and hallways.

    A common myth is that once a student leaves elementary, schools no longer need/welcome parents into the building. If you interested in volunteering, please contact the school for opportunities and apply online through Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS).

    Complete the Online Application to Volunteer

    As a new volunteer, you are required to complete an online application, including a background check, through our Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) before beginning service.

    To begin the application process, you will need:

    • A valid email address
    • A valid state driver’s license, Washington State photo identification (ID), or U.S. passport
    • A current Proof of Insurance document is only required if you are applying to be a driver on a field trip

    Visit the Volunteer section of our website to learn more.

    Inclement Weather

    In emergency situations, such as snow and icy weather conditions, the top priority is the safety of students and staff. We also recognize school closures disrupt family schedules and extend the school year. The decision to close schools is not an easy one.

    Our district covers 72 square miles of diverse terrain. In one part of the district, the roads may be perfectly clear while others are struggling with snow and/or ice.

    If there is a change to our normal operating schedule, we will communicate with families and staff as soon as possible in a variety of ways.

    1. Automated phone calls. Please update Skyward or provide Cedar Heights with current telephone numbers to reach you in a timely manner and keep other emergency contacts up to date for emergency alerts.
    2. Emails will be sent to all parents/guardians with an email address listed in Skyward.
    3. Mobile app alerts. Please download the free Kent School District mobile app and enable push notifications in your preferred language.
    4. FlashAlert announcements. Subscribe to receive notifications. 
    5. District and school websites. 
    6. Social media. Please follow Kent School District on Facebook and Twitter.
    7. Announcements on local media. 

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