Grades 4/5 HiCap Supplies

  • This supply list is voluntary. Our school will make provisions for any student who cannot afford the listed supplies. Please let the classroom teacher know if this is necessary. Please do not bring a binder or loose notebook paper as it will be provided. The teacher may request additional items when school starts.

    2023-2024 Fourth Grade HiCap Supply List

    • 48- #2 pencils Ticonderoga sharpened
    • Clipboard
    • 1 regular sized pencil box
    • 8-16 count colored pencils
    • 8-10 count regular markers
    • 24 count crayons
    • Ear buds or earphones with microphone for computer usage
    • 23-24 Academic planner-size of a composition book
    • Wiggle Seat
    • 3 composition books (bound, not spiral)
    • 2 large containers of baby wipes
    • 2 Folders with pockets for homework papers
    • Expo pens and eraser

    2023-2024 Fifth Grade HiCap Supply List

    • Several #2 pencils
    • Pink Pearl Eraser
    • Ruler with metric and inch scales
    • 12 count colored pencils
    • 3 High-lighter felt pens (3 different colors)
    • Scissors
    • Ear buds or earphones for computer usage
    • 1 Handheld pencil sharpener
    • 2 Spiral notebooks with lined paper
    • 2 composition books (bound, not spiral)
    • 1 package of post-it notes (non-accordion)
    • 2 Folders with pockets for homework papers
    • Expo pens and eraser
    • Label All Supplies & Personal Items

    Label supplies with your child’s name as they are the personal property of the student. Please also label coats, hats, gloves, backpacks, umbrellas, lunch boxes, and other personal items that come to school.

Last Modified on June 27, 2023