Hiring Team KSD Bus Drivers

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    Now Hiring Team KSD Bus Drivers

    Apply online to join the Kent School District (KSD) Transportation Team in transporting 8500 students to and from school each day.  

    Job Benefits

    • Competitive wages
    • Health benefits
    • Vision and dental
    • Washington State retirement
    • Teamster pension
    • Weekends and summers off

    Minimum Requirements

    • Minimum of five years driving experience
    • Excellent driving record with no suspension or revocation of driving license within last five years
    • Must be able to read a map, learn school locations, follow routing directions and complete paperwork
    • Must be able to pass a physical agility test, Department of Transportation (DOT) physical, alcohol and drug tests, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Washington State Patrol (WSP) background checks

    Apply Online

    View the job description, learn more about requirements, and apply online.

    We Offer Training

    KSD provides training to qualified applicants. The driver training program takes approximately four weeks and combines classroom learning with behind-the-wheel bus driving experience.

    • Complete the CDL Class B driving test
    • Receive passenger and school bus endorsements
    • Learn school bus procedures and legal requirements
    • Understand route and map reading

    Fees Paid by the Bus Driver

    A new school bus driver can expect to pay approximately $416 in fees (subject to change) to begin his or her career. 

    • $13.00 to complete the driving abstract purchased from the Department of Licensing (DOL)
    • $75 for Commercial Driver License (CDL) Class B permit and written test
    • $166 for DOT physical and pre-employment drug screen (reimbursed after working 40 days)
    • $112 for Commercial Driver License (CDL)
    • $50 for fingerprinting

    Fees Paid by KSD

    KSD will pay approximately $110 (subject to change) for each candidate’s Commercial Driver License skills test.

    We Offer a $1,500 Incentive

    Candidates who complete training and begin driving for KSD will receive a $1,500 completion incentive.

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Last Modified on June 27, 2023