Summer School

  • Make-Up Lost Credit for Free During the Summer

    Students who need to make up lost credit can recover 0.5 credit or more through the summer credit recovery program. The classes offer a hybrid approach to learning by combining face-to-face time with a teacher while utilizing the Edgenuity online curriculum.

    The credit recovery classes do not meet National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) requirements; therefore, the credit will not meet the standard for credits if your student plans to attend a Division 1 or 2 university.

    Time Commitment

    Each summer credit recovery class requires approximately 60 hours for completion. In addition to class time, students will need to average 5-10 hours per week working at home to finish their course work. However, classes are self-paced and therefore a student may take more or less time.

    Students will need to complete a minimum of 5 percent progress each day in order to complete one course by the end of summer school. 

    Students who need to make up more than one class will need to add more time, work, and progress. We strongly encourage students to work from home. 

    Students and families should consider whether the student has the organizational skills and motivation to work independently and be self-directed.


    Counselors assign students to the appropriate class(es) based on credit needs.

    Students will be notified of summer school enrollment by June 18 through an information session, emails, and auto-dialer phone calls.

    Student Expectations

    Teachers reserve the right to remove students from the Credit Recovery program for disruptive behavior, lack of effort, or lack of attendance.

    • Students are required to attend all class sessions and work consistently each day. If a student misses or is tardy to two sessions, the student may be removed from the class. Please call (253) 373-3956 to report an absence.
    • Students must comply with all Kent-Meridian High School Student Handbook policies and procedures.
    • Students must comply with the school honor code and must refrain from violations of that code, such as cheating or plagiarism.
    • Students will need to work at a computer with an internet connection. Please bring ear buds or headphone for audio modules.

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Last Modified on September 30, 2019