Candidate Approval Process

  • Selecting the Best New Leader for Team KSD

    When principal and assistant principal positions are opened in the Kent School District (KSD), there are several steps that occur before a candidate is approved by the Kent School Board.

    1. The Human Resources (HR) team surveys the school staff to learn top qualities they are looking for in their next administrator before the job is posted.
    2. HR screens candidates for minimum qualifications according to the job posting.
    3. The executive director of learning improvement (EDLI) or principal supervisor for that school screens applications for relevant work experiences and confidential references. 
    4. Once the interview pool is determined by HR and the EDLI, a district interview team conducts a structured interview. The district interview team is a diverse panel composed of:
      1. Human Resources team members
      2. Kent Association of Educational Office Professionals (KAEOP) representative
      3. Kent Association of Paraeducators (KAP) representative
      4. Kent Education Association (KEA) representative
      5. Kent Principals Association (KPA) representative
      6. Leadership team members
      7. School community representative(s)
    5. The district interview team forwards finalists for a second interview with the chief human resources officer and the superintendent who approves principal and assistant principal candidates to go before the Board of Directors for approval. 

    New Leaders for 2021-2022

    Many new principals and assistant principals have been selected for the 2021-2022 school year and approved by the KSD Board of Directors.

Last Modified on June 10, 2021