Core 24 Committee

  • Career- and College-Ready Graduation Requirements

    In 2015, the Washington State Board of Education implemented the Career- and College-Ready Graduation Requirements (CCRGR). Reflected in RCW 28A.230.090, the number of credits required for graduation increased statewide to 24 for the classes of 2019 and beyond.

    School districts were given an opportunity to receive an implementation waiver for up to two years through the class of 2020. Kent School District (KSD) received a waiver from the State Board of Education on August 9, 2018. This allows the district to take additional time to determine the appropriate district strategy for ensuring that every student has the opportunity to achieve the 24-credit requirement.

    In March 2019, the Kent School Board was presented with information about district administration’s plan to convene a cross-functional committee to review bell schedule options that maximize the opportunity for students to achieve the 24 credits.


    The Core 24 Committee is comprised of volunteers. Membership may include:

    • 8 parents
    • 4 students (grades 8-11)
    • 1 middle school principal
    • 1 middle school assistant principal
    • 1 high school principal
    • 1 high school assistant principal
    • 2 counselors
    • 4 teachers
    • 2 representatives from community-based organizations
    • 2 community members
    • 4 central administration staff

    Scope of Work

    The Core 24 Committee will review high school bell schedule options with the goal of identifying a single high school bell schedule to recommend to Superintendent Watts that:

    • Allows students the opportunity to attain the 24 credits
    • Remains within current budget expenditures for the instructional program
    • Allows for consistent student contact time and classroom teacher preparation time in each school
    • Does not exceed current high school classroom teachers’ student caseloads
    • Maximizes opportunities for students to participate in specialized programs (e.g. Advanced World Language)


    • Early April: Committee membership invitation
    • Late April: Committee members selected
    • Mid May: First Core 24 Committee meeting; committee members will set the meeting schedule
    • May - September: Core 24 Committee meetings to review bell schedule options
    • Fall 2019: CCRGC shares a recommendation with Superintendent Watts
    • Late Fall 2019: Dr. Watts makes the final recommendation to the Board

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