Grass Lake School Song

  • Sing it Loud! Sing it Proud!

    We are the Gators and we're here to say,
    We try our best in ev'ry way.
    We are the best sports that you've ever seen.
    We wear green and white to show our Gator pride.
    Our school says friendship is for everyone.
    Our PTA is really great!
    We learn to read, do math and think and share
    Gators Care!


    Grass Lake Gators -- We are the best!
    Grass Lake Gators -- in all the Northwest!

    A Tradition Since 1994

    This song was written by our music teachers Pat Deming and Sharon Johnson along with the student council members from 1994 (Jennifer, Robyn, Beth, Tawny, Kelli, Patrick and Heidi).

Last Modified on March 18, 2019