Senior Portraits

  • Criteria

    Senior portraits must meet the following criteria:

    • Minimum of two inches wide by three inches high at 300 dots per inch (dpi)
    • Clothing must comply with the school dress code outlined in the Kent-Meridian Student Handbook
    • The file must be named with the student’s first and last legal name
    • Head and shoulders shot is recommended; a full body shot is usually too small to see details and may be cropped
    • No Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook photos and no filters
    • Submit photos online using Balfour Yearbooks by November 30.

    We reserve the right to crop or otherwise adjust the picture and to reject the picture if it does not meet editorial standards.

    Submit Photos by November 30

    Senior photos are due by November 30. If a suitable photo is not submitted by November 30, the student's Skyward picture will be used. 

    Process for 2019 Seniors

    1. Visit Balfour Yearbooks and enter the following information:
      1. School project number: 91231
      2. Password: Royals
      3. Senior's first and last name
      4. Senior's school email address
      5. Senior's home or cell phone number
    2. Click "Next"
    3. Agree to the terms and conditions and click "Next"
    4. Choose the file to upload
    5. Enter the name of the senior in the "People in this Photo" box
    6. Enter "Senior Photo" in the Event or Occasion box
    7. Click "Begin Uploading"

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