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  • Receive Information Through Text Messages

    Kent School District uses SchoolMessenger as its mass notification system to communicate with parents and guardians. In addition to emails and phone calls, SMS text messaging is now being used to send short, important messages including general school information, inclement weather, and emergency situations.

    To receive text messages, you must opt-in and you may add up to four cell phone numbers.

    1. Add or confirm your cell phone number(s) in the Text Message Numbers section of Skyward Family Access.
    2. Text Y or Yes to 67587 from each cell phone you wish to receive texts on.

    You will receive a confirmation text message after you opt-in. It may take 24 hours for a number to become active after being changed or added to the system.

    Opt-In Using Skyward Family Access

    To receive text messages, be sure your cell phone is listed in the Text Message Numbers section of Skyward Family Access. This is in addition to your primary number, cell number, and email address in the Contact section.

    Step One: Login to Skyward Family Access.

    Login to Skyward Family Access. Use the Forgot your Login/Password feature if you know your email on file with the District or user ID. Contact your school office if you need to retrieve your login information.

    Screenshot of Skyward Family Access login screen

    Step Two: Navigate to Skylert.

    On the left side under General Information, click Skylert in the left column.

    Screenshot of Skylert button in Skyward Family Access

    Step Three: Scroll down to the Text Message Numbers section.

    Add your cell number(s) and choose Emergency and/or General to receive emergency texts or general information texts. The Attendance and Food Service options are not available at this time.

    Screenshot of Text Message Numbers section in Skyward Family Access

    If you have trouble using Skyward Family Access, please call the KSD Customer Support Center at (253) 373-7030 or email CustomerSupportCenter@kent.k12.wa.us.

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Last Modified on April 1, 2021