Get Started

  • Running Start Eligibility Requirements

    A student must qualify for the Running Start program by applying for the college he or she plans to attend and then earning the required score on the college’s qualifying test.

    Step One: Apply for Admissions to Chosen College Online

    The student must complete and submit the online application for the community college they wish to attend through Running Start. This process will generate a student ID number specific to the college.

    Step Two: Complete the College’s Qualifying Test

    Once the student receives his or her college student ID number, the student must take this number and photo identification to the college’s testing center to take the qualifying test.

    Every college has its own qualifying test.

    • Green River College: Students must score 101 on the College Success Assessment
    • Highline College: Students must score 80 on the reading portion of the Accuplacer.

    Step Three: Complete the College’s Orientation Process and Sign Up for Classes

    Once the student has applied to the college and passed the qualifying test, he or she must complete the college’s orientation process and sign up for classes.

    Prepare for Success

    As a college student, a Running Start student is viewed as an adult and responsible for tracking his or her grades and attendance. Parents and families will not have access to this information.

    Before beginning the program, it’s important to understand the roles the student, college advisor, and high school counselor will have moving forward.

Last Modified on March 5, 2019