Credit Recovery

  • Retake Courses Online

    Students who fail courses typically do not have space available in their schedules to retake courses in-person.  Credit recovery is for students who have taken and failed a course, and now need to re-take the course online.

    Credit Recovery can be done during the school year and/or during Summer School.

    Students who do not complete their course by the end of each quarter must restart the course with zero percent progress. 

    Time Commitment

    Students will complete coursework on their own time online using the Edgenuity website.

    Credit Recovery students should plan to commit significant time each week to get back on track for on-time graduation.  Below are estimated hours depending on how many courses a student hopes to complete during the 9 weeks of each quarter:

    • 1 Course = 10% progress per week = 3-4 hours worked per week
    • 2 Courses = 20% progress per week = 4-5 hours worked per week

    Students are required to attend the credit recovery sessions to take final exams or to get assistance with course content.

    Credit Recovery Sessions for Testing & Assistance

    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 2:30-4:00 in room 152
    • Wednesday from 12:30-2:00 in room 152

    Sign Up for Credit Recovery

    If you would like to sign up for credit recovery, please email

    You may also visit the Credit Recovery booth which is set up once per week at all lunches.

    Helpful Tips

    Habits for Success

    • Come to a credit recovery session if you need help.
    • Take lots of notes as they can be used on quizzes and exams. 

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Last Modified on June 24, 2022