Student Voices

  • Kona Kai

    Current iGrad student (E.D.) participated in our partnership program with Kona Kai to learn valuable cooking and employment skills.

    At the conclusion of the program, (E.D.) wrote this reflection:

    Kona Kai is the best place ever! I am not sugar coating anything. When I first came in it was smiles and welcomes.

    My first try here was very difficult, so I left. But after about 2 weeks or so I got the chance to try again. I was so scared but everyone was nice. The trainer was very supportive through my anxiety attacks. Mychal was very supportive as well. He was always available when I had questions or concerns.

    JJ, Tina, Alisha and everyone else were helpful, yet forcing independence which was nice.

    Kona Kai has truly helped me out of my shell! Before Kona Kai, I had no interest in talking to other people or even getting a job. Now it's easy to greet a customer without much fear. I just got my first interview for a job at Southcenter Mall!!! I would NEVER had the confidence to do that before.

    I love Kona Kai. I love what Mychal does for everyone that walks through his door. I'm going to miss this place so much.

    iGrad KSD Diploma Program

    Last spring, students in the iGrad KSD Diploma program participated in a research project that investigated the needs, interests and barriers for youth who have not completed high school.

    Here is what our students said when asked:

    "What do you like about iGrad?"

    • It provides alternative options
    • You can go at your own pace
    • There is a flexible schedule
    • You can do it from home; you can do it on your own
    • Teachers make sure you get all the help you need
    • It’s easier (because of the additional help)
    • The teachers care more about your success
    • The tasks are straightforward and there is a clear finish line
    • The videos are knowledgeable and informative
    • It encourages self-sufficiency/self-empowerment
Last Modified on January 28, 2019