World Language Proficiency Assessment

  • Earn Up to Four Credits for Languages You Know

    Students in grades 9-12 who can read, write, speak, and understand the world languages at the Novice Mid-Level or above can earn high school credit when they complete world language proficiency assessments. 

    Based on the proficiency level demonstrated, students can earn 1-4 high school credits for world language. The credits will help students meet high school graduation and college admissions requirements. 

    This assessment allows students to be recognized for their diverse language competencies and value they bring to the Kent School District. For more information on the statewide initiative, please refer to OSPI Competency-Based Credits for World Languages. 

2023-2024 Assessment Process

  • Students that are interested in the World Language Proficiency Assessment will need to attend an information session at their high school. During this session, they will find out more about what is involved in testing, requirements to receive credit, and complete a writing prompt sample.

    Once their writing prompt is evaluated, students will be contacted via email with next steps for registering if demonstrate linguistic proficiency preparedness or recommendations to practice for increasing proficiency prior to testing.   

    This year, high schools will have the option to offer two testing opportunities if they choose. One in the fall for students in grades 11 and 12 with a possible second opportunity in winter open for grades 9-12. Students will complete the testing during the school day. 

    Attend Your School’s Information Session 

    For more information, please speak with your high school counselor to sign up to attend your high school’s information session and keep an eye out for flyers around your school.  


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  • ALTA Writing & Listening Assessments

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Frequently Asked Questions

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