Frequently Asked Safety Questions

  • What safety measures are currently in place?

  • Is KSD currently implementing any upgrades to its security measures?

  • Is there anyone monitoring the safety and security of our schools on a regular and formal basis?

  • Are staff members trained in active shooter drills?

  • What happens when KSD discovers a threat?

  • Why doesn’t KSD close school every time there is a perceived threat?

  • How does KSD communicate with parents, guardians, and families when there is a threat?

  • If an incident does occur at school, how will it be communicated to parents, guardians, and families and what should they do?

  • Why does KSD send an auto-dialer call to parents, guardians, and families early in the morning before a perceived threat is even substantiated?

  • Is it possible to notify all parents and family members in the District of threats that are happening in the District, regardless of location of the threat?

  • What happens to a student who makes a threat?

  • What can parents and family members do to help keep our schools safe?

  • What can students do to help keep our schools safe?

Last Modified on December 1, 2020