Emergency & Limited Transportation

  • No Out of District Transportation

    Due to inclement weather or other emergency schedule changes, there may be school days when transportation outside of Kent School District (KSD) is not available.

    When “no out-of-district transportation” is included in a schedule alert, it impacts the following students:

    • Inclusive Education students placed at a specialized school located outside KSD boundaries.
    • Foster care students residing within KSD boundaries and attending a school outside KSD boundaries.
    • Foster care students residing outside KSD boundaries and attending a KSD school.
    • McKinney-Vento students residing within KSD boundaries and attending a school outside KSD boundaries.
    • McKinney-Vento students residing outside KSD boundaries and attending a KSD school.
    • Students attending any program or school located outside KSD boundaries who receive transportation from KSD.  

    If a McKinney-Vento or foster care student resides within KSD service boundaries and attends a KSD school, then transportation will be provided.

    Weather Emergencies

    Notes were sent home with students to notify parents of alternate stop locations in November. Due to steep grades, many roads in this district are impassable during ice and snow conditions. Bus stops that are normally located on hills will be relocated to the top or bottom of the hill when limited transportation is required.

    The Kent School District encompasses 72 square miles, weather conditions often vary greatly from one area to another, making it impossible to predict the accessibility of any specific area with total accuracy. Freezing and thawing conditions can change rapidly. A neighborhood that was passable at one hour may not be the next. If in doubt, students may want to choose the limited transportation stop to be assured of not missing the bus.

    Limited Transportation Areas

    School bus service on the following roads will not be available when the limited-transportation schedule is in effect or if the bus driver judges the road is unsafe or impassable:

    • 92 Ave. S - from SE 200 St. to SE 208 St.
    • SE 224 St. - from 100 Ave. SE to 104 Ave. SE
    • 93 & 94 Ave. S - north of SE 227 St.
    • SE 224 St. - from 148 Ave. SE to 172 Ave. SE
    • 96 Ave. S – north of SE 232 St.
    • SE 240 St. - from 140 Ave. SE to 156 Ave. SE
    • 100 Ave. SE - from SE 224 St. to SE 240 St.
    • SE 240 St. - from 172 Ave. SE to 180 Ave. SE
    • 112 Ave. SE - from SE 284 St. to SE 287 St.
    • SE 248 St. - from 98 Ave. S to 94 Ave. S
    • 129 Ave. SE - Boulevard Lanes - West Loop closed
    • SE 248 St. - from 120 Ave. SE to 124 Ave. SE
    • 196 Ave. SE - south of Covington Sawyer Rd.
    • SE 249 St. - from 145 Ave. SE to 148 Ave. SE
    • SE 192 St. - west of 106 Ave. SE
    • SE 277 St. – from D St. to 108 Ave. SE
    • SE 192 St. - from 124 Ave. SE to 116 Ave. SE
    • Fairwood Blvd. – west of 156 Ave. SE
    • SE 200 St. - from 92 Ave. S to 100 Ave.SE
    • James St. - from Clark Ave. to 94 Ave.
    • SE 208 St. – from 100 Ave. SE to 84 Ave. SE
    • Kennebeck Ave. S (south of E. Titus St.)
    • 210 Ave. SE – north of SE 335 St.
    • Talbot Rd. from S 192 St. to S 200 St.
    • SE 218 St. - from 84 Ave. S to 98 Ave. S
    • Winterwood on SE 284 St. & 181 Ave. SE to 187 Ave SE
    • Parkside Way SE – from SE Woodside Dr. and on 187 Ave. SE from SE 284 St. to SE 277 St.

    Special Limited Transportation Stop Locations

    • Crest Air Park (Stop on Covington Sawyer RD)
    • Fenwick Y (Stop at bottom of hill)
    • Lake Desire Drive North (Stop at Northwood MS only)
    • Lake Morton Drive (Stop at SE 308 St. @ Boat Launch)
    • Lake Winterwood (Stop at 181 Ave. SE at 180 Ave. SE)
    • Maple Hills (Stop at 204th Ave SE & SE 262nd ST)
    • Misty Meadows (Stop at 132 Ave. SE)
    • Ridgefield (Stop at SE 240 St. at 138 Ave. SE)
    • Seven Oaks (Stop at Park only)
    • Winterwood (Stops at 181 Ave. SE, 180 Ave. SE and Grasslake ES) 

    Non-Weather Emergencies

    Non-weather emergencies and natural disasters are unpredictable, and no amount of prior planning will cover all possible situations. When a route to or from school is interrupted by road construction, traffic accidents, mechanical issues, etc., communications may be difficult and slow. The transportation office will send a school messenger communication (phone, text, and email) to the families of the bus riders with relevant information.

    We know that many students carry cell phones and may call their parents prior to the school messenger communication. If a parent meets the bus at the incident location, please know that it may take some time for district staff to organize the release of students to their parent/guardian. 

    Emergency evacuations of school buses are practiced with students 3 times per school year. The first evacuation drill occurs in September. All students practice the safe and quick exit of the school bus via the side or rear emergency door exit. In January, bus drivers review emergency exit information with verbal reminders. In February, the students receive final emergency evacuation drill for the school year.

    Be the First to Know

    When weather or an emergency causes school hours and bus route service to be changed, please do not call radio, television stations, or schools.

    Listen to Radio & Television Messages

    • No Announcement: Schools are on regular schedule with normal bus service.
    • Limited Bus Transportation: Alone or in conjunction with other messages, this means that students in pre-designated areas which are frequently impassable during inclement weather will be picked up and dropped off at an alternate location. Drivers have provided Emergency Weather Route Change Notices to those riders affected. A listing of these pre-designated areas is on the back side of this schedule. If limited transportation service was in effect in the morning, it will also be limited transportation in the afternoon. All after-school activities will be canceled.
    • School Closed: All schools are closed for one day and all school-related activities are canceled. 
    • School Open, “X” Hours Late: This states number of hours late (usually 1-2). Dismissal will be at the regular time unless the announcement states otherwise. All out of district routes are canceled and no preschool. 
    • School Open, Bus Service Limited Due to Road Restrictions: Weight restrictions due to the thawing of frozen roads may cause cancellation of some services. Students will be expected to attend classes. 
    • School will Dismiss “X” Hours Early: This message is for snow or other conditions which may develop during the school day requiring early dismissal. This announcement will state if regular or limited stops will be used.

    School emergency schedules can also be accessed on the Internet through FlashAlert. Parents have the option to sign up for email and text message alerts from FlashAlert.net. This information can go directly to your cell phone or email accounts.

    We also post school closure and delay information updates on the main web page, on social media and send information via skyward by phone and email. In extreme emergencies, listen to civil-defense radio bands 640 AM or 1240 AM.

Last Modified on November 2, 2023