Bus Rider Guidelines

  • Bus Rider Conduct

    For the safety of all students and bus drivers, please read and follow the Kent School District school bus conduct policy. Any violation of these rules may be considered reason to discontinue bus-transportation privileges for the student involved and could possibly cause suspension or expulsion from school.

    • Students must listen and be respectful to the bus driver. Students may be suspended or expelled from the bus if they are disrespectful, including directing obscene language or gestures at the driver.
    • Students must be ready to show the driver identification if requested. For the safety and security of all students, secondary students may not be allowed to ride the bus if they don't have their bus pass or ID card.
    • Students need to ride their assigned bus, the only exception is if a principal grants an elementary school student permission to ride a different bus or use a different stop. Secondary students cannot ride a bus other than their assigned bus.
    • Students should be at their bus stop at least five minutes before their bus is scheduled to arrive. They should wait in a safe area away from the road and any private property.
    • For their safety, students cannot approach the bus until the bus comes to a full stop and the driver opens the door. They should always cross in front of the bus, never behind.
    • Students should remain seated and face forward while the bus is in motion.
    • Like in the classroom, students need to use their inside voices while on the bus.
    • Students cannot put their head, hands, arms or feet out the bus windows, regardless of if it is stopped or in motion.
    • In case of emergency, students must follow emergency exit procedures and directions from the bus driver.  

    Read more in the Kent School District Bus Rider Guidelines

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Last Modified on March 26, 2019