Title VI Native American Education Program

  • The Kent School District participates in a Native American/Alaska Native Education Program funded by Federal Title VI Grant monies based on Native American student counts and administered through Student Services. The program is designed to assist Native American students to meet district and state academic standards.

    “Building a Stronger Circle – Improving Academics through Cultural Enrichment”

    Program Description

    The Native American Education Program is a federally funded program that assists Kent School District’s Native American and Alaskan Native students in grades K-12. Federal policy allows enrolled parents or grandparents to register their students in the Native American Education Program by self-reporting tribal affiliation and proof of State or Federal tribal enrollment or a blood quantum as required on the Title VI ED 506 Indian Student Eligibility Certification Form. This form does not need to be completed annually. Support Services are offered to all eligible students and families.

    The Native American Educational Program works specifically to help Native American/Alaska Native students complete and continue their education. We believe that a strong sense of cultural identity is the foundation of academic success. The Native Education Program will provide a nurturing relationship that will encourage students to “Catch the Dream” by participating in a program that sponsors cultural and recreational activities, academic enrichment, and exposure to non-traditional careers.


    • Coordination assistance with community resources
    • Coordination of academic service
    • Student advocacy
    • Cultural programs
    • Preparatory services

    We also believe that in order to be effective in working with Native students, school district staff should understand the unique relationship between Native Americans and the state/federal government. To accomplish this we provide professional development and multicultural awareness to staff, resources available for teachers and classroom use, model culturally relevant learning as it relates to Native learners, promote parental participation in program and school activities, encourage post-secondary education for all students, and promote an understanding of the Native American culture within the Kent and Covington communities.

    Kent School District offers resources for Native students and families to create a strong sense of community. By “building a stronger circle” we strengthen our society. In traditional communities, young people have always come to know, to experience, and to lay claim to their tribal heritage, allowing individuals to define themselves in terms of their collective cultural identity. Our goal is for each Native student to graduate high school and continue their education in post-secondary opportunities.

    For more information contact the Native American Academic and Cultural Liaison at (253) 373-7141.

Last Modified on January 6, 2022