• A Process for Resolving Concerns

    Kent School District coordinates with the Office of Education Ombudservices (OEO) to offer ombudservices to assist parents, students, and patrons of the district in addressing their concerns and complaints about the district. The OEO is available to help individuals who are either unfamiliar with district policies and procedures or would like assistance addressing their issues and concerns.

    The OEO provides information to families, students, and communities regarding the school system, promoting family and community involvement in education, and helping resolve conflict between families and schools. The Education Ombudsman accepts written complaints from parents, legal guardians, and students who believe that:

    • The school or school district did not respond when they complained or responded inappropriately.
    • The school or school district did not follow federal law, state law, school policy, or district policy.
    • The student or students’ learning environment or academic performance has been negatively affected by the school or school district’s action or lack of action.

    If you have a complaint about your public school or school district, first follow the complaint procedure the school or school district has established. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, the OEO may be able to help by providing neutral fact-finding and complaint resolution services.

    Contact the Office of the Education Ombuds

    Contact Kent School District

    For more information about Kent School District process, call (253) 373-7117.

Last Modified on January 6, 2022