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    The Research Team has staff devoted to data, analytics, and program evaluation. The Research Team comprises one piece of the DARTS (Data, Assessment, Research, Technology and Strategy) team which work alongside administrators, staff and teachers to support student learning.

    KSD Research serves the critical purposes of helping to develop new knowledge about teaching and learning, reviewing program data, and creating continual investment in data. This will ensure efficient and effective instructional and operational practices that turn data into action to improve educational practices and outcomes.

    Our work is not possible without ongoing collaboration within Organizational Effectiveness as well as the other communities in KSD. In order to create data visualizations and conduct program evaluation and research, we must work closely with schools and teams across the district.

    How We Serve

    The KSD Research Team creates and maintains an iterative data visualization system to support district performance and student learning. In addition, we help to build a culture of data literacy, question asking and accountability that will disrupt the status quo and ultimately improve student outcomes.

    Function chart

    Program Evaluation & Research

    Conduct evaluations of current programs and tools in support of an effective organization system.

    Data Visualization

    Create and maintain an iterative data visualization system to support district performance and student learning. 

    Performance Management Systems

    Create a coherent district data system that allows users to look at key performance indicators across the district, building a culture of data literacy and asking questions that will lead to improved student learning. 

    Secondary Functions

    • Manage research and data sharing requests
    • Manage survey creation, implementation, and sharing of results


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Last Modified on May 20, 2021