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    Teaching and Learning is the mechanism that drives our organization. We are inspired by practices rooted in action research ensuring every decision for every classroom, for every student grows from inquiry and evidence. The Teaching and Learning Community is responsible for each content area by providing frameworks and structures to guide the instructional decisions in every school building.  

    Our Teaching and Learning Community: 

    • Provides clarity about what students need to know and be able to do. 
    • Maintains recency in our research and practice to provide appropriate resources and support for our students. 
    • Designs curriculum and instructional resources that are both relevant and rigorous for all students.
    • Partners with teachers and leaders within our district to match instructional decisions with the needs of our students. 
    • Aligns the beliefs and actions supporting high expectations for all students in each area of our work. 
    • Seeks and appreciates the voice from each of our stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community). 
    • Advocates through practice and presence for every child in our district. 

    Our fundamental purpose is successfully preparing all students for their futures. 

    Each strand within the Teaching and Learning Community works closely together to provide consistent expectations for curriculum, instruction, and assessment to ensure a balanced model of support is provided to each of our students. Teaching and Learning is a part of the larger Kent School District (KSD) community, and our efforts support each of the District’s strategic goals: 


    Prepare all students to be college and career ready by raising the academic and social-emotional learning bar and closing the PreK-16 gaps to student achievement and college completion. 

    • Build vertical and horizontal collaboration teams for each grade level, content area, and school level to ensure design includes alignment and appropriate transitions. 
    • Provide, train, and support each teacher and building administrator on the Common Core curriculum designed to address both academic and social emotional learning to ensure every student has the support that he or she needs.  


    Engage parents, students, staff, and community members in two-way communications focused on equity and excellence. 

    • Develop and communicate instructional roadmaps for each grade level to inform each family on the instructional expectations for their child. 
    • Partner with community-based organizations to collaborate and provide updates on teaching and learning initiatives to promote comprehensive support for students and families. 


    Create effective organizational systems reinforcing equity and excellence. 

    • Model the use of technological resources to support instruction, engagement, and 21st-century learning goals for students. 
    • Design effective instructional plans to assist teachers in building a positive learning environment to ensure each student is safe, engaged, and supported. 


    Recruit, hire, develop, and retain a diverse and premier workforce. 

    • Support teacher and administrator growth and development by providing quality professional learning experiences to ensure each teacher and administrator receives the instructional support matched to their needs.
    • Be visible, engaged, and active in our local and professional communities and organizations to highlight the critical work happening in KSD. 


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