Equity Council

  • The Kent School District (KSD) Equity Council exists to advise, assist and advocate for the full implementation of the Race and Equity Policy, specifically related to issues of diversity, inclusion, equity and cultural responsiveness. This council has no legislative, administrative or programmatic authority and is advisory only.

    The Equity Council works cooperatively with the superintendent and school district officials in deepening their understanding and expertise of the KSD Race and Equity Policy. Members are volunteers who represent the KSD community and have a shared interest in our mission of Successfully Preparing All Students For Their Futures.

    Equity Council Responsibilities


    This council may suggest prioritizing strategies within the Race and Equity Policy. Suggestions are designed to improve the outcomes of the policy. Such suggestions could include but are not limited to defining performance indicators within policy, providing feedback on current data collection and reporting strategies, identifying and addressing emerging issues that can impact our diverse culture, propose community communication, the updating of curriculum, purchase of new instructional materials or equipment to modernize the classroom or to adopt safety policies.


    The council may assist Administration with carrying out deliverables within the policy to include ensuring the policy is easily understood by both internal and external stakeholders. This includes creating synergy between KSD and the school community around diversity and inclusion action plans and initiatives. The Equity Council will also assist in monitoring the district’s progress and process of equity and diversity work.


    The council may support and advocate for KSD programs throughout the community, including visibly recognizing and communicating diversity and inclusion best practices achievements throughout the district. Support could include identifying industry and/or community resources, talking to legislators, speaking for equity-based strategies at board meetings.


    Equity Council meetings are co-hosted by Superintendent Dr. Calvin J. Watts and Melissa Laramie, director of Communications and Public Affairs. 

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Last Modified on December 12, 2019