Priority Initiatives

  • Presented in September 2019

    The Kent School District Strategic Plan Steering Committee presented priority initiatives as areas of focus for the 2018-2019 and 2019-20 school years to the Kent School Board and Superintendent Watts at the September 12, 2018, regular board meeting.

    Goal 1: Prepare all students to be college and career ready

    Social/emotional learning

    • Percent of students who express self-awareness of emotions
    • Percent of students who rate high on self-management of emotions
    • Implementation metric of SEL curriculum (self/district staff)

    K-2 math/literacy

    • Percent of kindergarten–second grade students meeting grade-level standards in math
    • Percent of kindergarten–second grade students meeting grade-level standards in reading

    Third-grade benchmark (school to prison pipeline metric)

    • Percent of third-grade students reading at or above grade level by the end of the school year

    High school credit accumulation (grade 10)

    • Percent of tenth-grade students passing at least 5 of their classes by end of first and third quarters
    • Percent of tenth-grade students with at least 12 credits by the end of their sophomore year

    Entrance into post-secondary

    • Percent of students entering a post-secondary experience (military, college, career prep) within one year of graduation
    • Percent of seniors completing entrance requirements to a post-secondary experience prior to graduation

    Goal 2: Engage parents, students, staff, and community in two-way communication

    Stakeholder engagement in decision-making

    • Number of opportunities provided to stakeholders to drive, engage, provide input and advise in district initiatives
    • Number of opportunities by percent stakeholders drive, engage, provide input and advise district initiatives

    Ongoing Strategic Planning Committee meetings

    • 90-minute meetings held September, November, February, April, and June (aligned to Board calendar)

    Two-way communication in various languages

    • Percent of print communications and surveys from the district sent in top fifteen languages of the district
    • Percent of district events where interpretative services are offered

    Parent engagement support for student achievement

    • Increased sponsorships and community partnerships to expand school-based parent engagement programs
    • Number of programs, schools, participants
    • Percent of increases, year over year

    All staff, all-inclusive climate and communication survey

    • Develop an administration plan that maximizes accessibility for all stakeholder groups
    • School-based staff evaluation of central admin support – annual
    • School-based and non-school-based staff – annual
    • Student – twice a year
    • Parent – annual

    Goal 3: Create effective organizational systems

    Support for high-need students

    • Percent of staff prepared to support students in trauma
    • District resources (dollars, programs) to support adult learning around student trauma Student Mobility (data dashboard info only)
    • Enrollment entries and exits per 100 students (by school/district)
    • Refugee enrollment numbers

    Restorative justice

    • Percent of students served through restorative justice practices

    Budget and funding

    • Fiscal Recovery Task Force will develop metrics the Board will monitor
    • Strategic Plan Steering Committee will review task force metrics in future meetings to determine need for blueprint metrics

    Discipline disproportionality

    • Show disaggregated percent of distinct and repeat behaviors by student group (monthly)

    Goal 4: Develop and retain a diverse and premier workforce

    Competitive salaries for staff

    • Report KSD’s staff salary rankings compared to regional competitors

    Instructional coaches/professional development support

    • Percent of schools with a designated, full-time instructional coach

    Grow leaders internally

    • Percent of principals promoted from other school-based positions
    • Percent of central admin leadership staff promoted from other positions

    Job-alike professional development opportunities

    • Percent of staff who are satisfied or completely satisfied with opportunities to collaborate with job-alike colleagues

    Retention (all staff)

    • Percent of all staff retained (same position, same location) within the district
    • Percent of staff who agree or strongly agree that they are proud to work in the Kent School District
    • Percent of teachers who strongly agree or disagree that there is an atmosphere of trust in their building/district

    University/advancement partnerships for staff

    • Percent of eligible staff participating in university partnerships
    • Percent of staff completing a university partnership program
    • Percent of university partnership completers placed in district positions
    • Percent of KSD graduates returning to teach in KSD
Last Modified on June 19, 2019