Strategic Plan Steering Committee

  • As called for in the Kent School District (KSD) strategic plan, Blueprint: Leaning Forward Together 2016-2021, every fall, the Strategic Plan Steering Committee, composed of representative stakeholders, will convene to assess the progress on strategic goals according to the key indicators.

    The performance management system will provide the Committee with relevant district and school performance data aligned to the strategic goals. The Strategic Plan Steering Committee will track the progress of the primary goal measures over the next five years, developing an in-depth understanding of the norms and patterns of variation. The Committee will make recommendations to ensure the district’s vision is actualized for students.

    Every spring, the Strategic Plan Steering Committee will forward recommendations for improvements or adjustments to the school board and superintendent for approval and implementation.


    The Strategic Plan Steering Committee will meet in February, April, and June.

    Meetings are generally held on Mondays from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in the Kent School District Administration Center Board Room or Central Admin Meeting Room.

    Reminders and agendas will be sent via email to all committee members in advance and are available in the shared OneNote.  


  • If you would like to serve on the Strategic Plan Steering Committee, please contact Communications & Public Affairs.

    (253) 373-7524

Last Modified on March 13, 2020