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  • At the Academy, It’s Personal

    At Kent Mountain View Academy, we get personal with our students. In a recent campus survey, including our sister-school, Kent Phoenix Academy, students said they learn best when learning is personalized.

    One elementary student shared, “I learn a lot when I get to choose and use my imagination and creativity!”

    Project-based learning at Kent Mountain View, such as our Orca STEM unit, Geotopia and National History Day, is connected to students, reflects their interests, and provides them with real-world experiences that are both meaningful and gratifying.

    Students also said smaller class sizes and attention from caring adults make a difference in their education.

    “One-on-one conversations with teachers help us engage with what we’re doing, and when classes are smaller, the teacher is more able to incorporate our life experiences in our learning. This kind of personalization takes more from the teacher because they have to get to know us,” students shared. 

    Belonging at Kent Mountain View

    Are you interested in learning more about personalized learning at our academy? Please attend an information session in March or April to decide if you belong here for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Our academy programs provide students and their families with an option to their boundary school.

    Find about admission information and learn more about upcoming sessions.

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Last Modified on January 27, 2020