Financial Aid Advising Day (FAAD)

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    KSD Financial Aid Advising Day (FAAD) 

    With the passage of ESSB 6141 in the 2020 WA State Legislative session, school districts serving high schools are required to provide a Financial Aid Advising Day to provide every senior and their family resources and knowledge for completing the financial aid application process. School districts must provide both a Financial Aid Advising Day and notification of financial aid opportunities at the beginning of each school year to families of 12th grade students.  

    School districts must, by December 1 each year, provide a FAAD, or series of days, that include the following opportunities and information for current seniors: 

    • Eligibility requirements of the Washington College Grant 
    • Information on resources such as the CSS Profile and the new Financial Aid Calculator  
    • Community-based resources available to assist families in understanding the requirements of and how to complete the FAFSA and WASFA 
    • The district's process for opting out of the Financial Aid Advising Day 

    How do students join Financial Aid Advising Day Events? 

    Kent School District high schools will host Financial Aid Advising Day during the school day in October and November for students to learn about completing the financial aid application process. During this event, students will learn about the Washington College Grant, the new Financial Aid Calculator, the College Board CSS Profile, completing financial aid applications, community-based resources available, and more!

    • Kent Laboratory Academy: Wednesday, November 29, 2023
    • Kent Virtual Academy: Wednesday, November 15, 2023
    • Kentlake High School: Wednesday, November 1, 2023
    • Kent-Meridian High School: Wednesday, November 15, 2023
    • Kentridge High School: Tuesday, November 28, 2023
    • Kentwood High School: Wednesday, November 15, 2023
    • iGrad: Monday, November 13, 2023


    Seniors over the age of 18, or a senior’s parent or guardian for students under the age of 18, can complete a Financial Aid Advising Day opt-out form in Skyward and decline to participate in Financial Aid Advising Day activities. In choosing to opt out of FAAD, know that all seniors still need to complete the required financial aid portion of their High School and Beyond Plan, which includes information about sources of financial aid and how to access them. 

    12th Year Campaign Family Financial Aid Information & Filing Events  

    Support with completing financial aid applications is available through the Washington State 12th Year Campaign. Virtual statewide financial aid information nights and completion events are available to students and families this fall starting as early as September 20 through December 1. You can view the list of events and register in advance by visiting the 12th Year Campaign Events website.

    Financial Aid Application Updates – FAFSA and WASFA 

    Class of 2024 Students & Families! The 2024-25 financial aid application opening is delayed until December 2023. Applications usually open October 1, and will again in future years. It is recommended that students check college or university websites to see if other deadlines are impacted (admissions applications, scholarships).  

    Can't wait to get started? Consider setting up your FAFSA or WASFA account—make sure to save your login and password. Learn more and plan your future on the WSAC website. 

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Last Modified on March 25, 2024