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    Enrollment Open for 2022-2023

    The new Kent School District (KSD) virtual school (yet to be named) will offer a decidedly flexible option for grades 6-12 in the 2022-2023 school year. Enrollment is now available to current and prospective families online.

    All Learners Are Welcome

    All students are welcome at the virtual school. If a student is served on an IEP, has a 504 plan, is designated HiCap, or is in need of English Language services, then staffing to serve them will follow their enrollment. Students who require significant services not offered at the virtual school will have decisions made through the IEP process as prescribed in law.

    Space is Limited to 600 Students

    Virtual school enrollment will remain open until we reach the limit of 600 total students or the first day of school in August 2022 – whichever comes first. At this time, space is not limited by grade level. If that changes or if a waitlist is needed, students who reside in the Kent School District boundary will be prioritized for enrollment.

    Class Registration Coming Soon

    A complete list of course offerings is being developed for the 2022-2023 school year. We expect to offer all core and elective classes required for students to graduate at the virtual school or in partnership with each student’s boundary school. A student who takes classes at both the virtual school and their boundary school at the same time is considered cross-enrolled. More information and individualized class registration support will be available to enrolled virtual school students this summer.

Current KSD Enrollment Process

  • Steps to Enroll Using Skyward Family Access

    If your student currently attends a Kent School District school for grades 5-11, please complete the Virtual Academy Enrollment form available in Skyward Family Access by following the steps below.

    Step 1: Log in to Skyward Family Access

    Log in to Skyward Family Access. If you have not received or have forgotten your username or password, please use the “Forgot your Login/Password” link to have reset instructions emailed to the address on file.

    Step 2: Access Virtual Academy Enrollment Form

    Look for Virtual Academy Enrollment on the homepage under “An Online Form is now available to fill out.” Click Fill out Online Form (A) for the student you wish to enroll in the new virtual school. If you have more than one student who is eligible, there will be a separate enrollment form to complete for each student.

    Screen shot clip from Skyward Family Access

    Step 3: Complete the Form

    Scroll through the form to answer questions, provide requested information, and verify/update the information on file for your student. Confirm Yes (B) is selected for “Are you enrolling?” Once everything looks good, click Complete Step 1 and Move to Step 2 (C).

    Screenshot clip from Skyward Family Access

    Step 4: Submit the Form

    Confirm the information and click Submit Virtual Academy Enrollment (D).

    Screnshot clip from Skyward Family Access

    A message will appear confirming the form has been submitted.

    Screenshot from Skyward Family Access

New KSD Student Enrollment Process

  • If your student currently attends school outside of the Kent School District for grades 5-11, please complete the new student enrollment process and choose the virtual school.

Admissions & Enrollment

  • Are there any student eligibility requirements to enroll?

  • How do I enroll my student(s)?

  • I completed the intent to enroll form. Do I still need to go through the enrollment process?

  • Do I need to enroll each student separately?

  • When is the deadline to enroll for 2022-2023?

  • How many students can attend the virtual school? Is there a limit for each grade level?

  • If more than 600 students enroll, how will you decide who can attend?

  • If less than 600 students enroll, will the school still open as planned for 2022-2023?

  • Will students have to enroll each school year or is it a one-time process?

  • Can students return to their boundary school if the virtual school is not a good fit for their needs?

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Last Modified on May 18, 2022